About Us

The team of Obscure Dungeon Records is composed by :


  • Somniafinis :
    • Communication
    • Contact with Artists
    • Comunity Manage
    • Order Processing
    • Fabricator
  • Architect : 
    • Data processing
    • Maintenance
    • Graphic Design
    • Order Processing
    • Fabricator

A little background history : the label was created in 2012 by Somniafinis, and produced really limited and handmade tapes of artists such as Uruk-Hai & Lord Lovidicus as well as digital albums through the official bandcamp of artists such as Draupnir, Müldeponie, Avenir Funèbre.

But the label had to close almost one year after due to personal problems and all of the releases made up to this date are actually not available anywhere. If you are a lucky owner of the first physical releases we would be glad to hear about that so don’t hesitate to throw us a message. If you want the list of the official releases published by the label before its closure, just ask us via a message. Don’t trust any other sources such as Discogs, Spirit Of Metal, Metal-Archives, Rateyourmusic or many other websites because most of them shows a list of releases we announced in the past but never came to life before the closure. 

If you want to learn about our policies of working you can check out the Work With Us page were everything is detailled. Please keep in mind the aim of the label is to produced Dungeon Synth music first, not to make money. We don’t have a huge budget for production, like you all we are working and keeping this money to release this project, and each euro received is kept to invest in next production and develop our quality of releases as well as the amount of copies made. 

Thanks all for your trust and support since all this time. And remember that Obscure Dungeon Records is not only an independent label, it’s a collaboration between two long date friends.

We did together a small progressive song few years ago :