Work with us

Styles accepted :

  • Dungeon Synth
  • Medieval Dark Ambient
  • Black Metal
  • Neo-folk, neo-classical

Everything needs to have a medieval or related spirit.

Contact us through our mail : or use the contact form.

Do not send us full demos, just add a link to a song with a description of the concept and your expectations of working with us.

We can offer :

  • Cd digipacks, limited to 50 or 100 copies and handnumbered (only full-lenght accepted, no demos or Eps)
  • Tapes, limited from 5 copies to 40 copies, handnumbered
  • Special Editions Cdr, no limitation of copies, it only depends of the amount of personalisation for each copy (this includes personalised packaging that differs for each release and can differ from each copy, possibility of special and handmade artifacts related to the concept of the album, special formats and boxsets and many other ideas, everything can be proposed from your side and we’ll tell you what is possible to create with our means)
  • Special Editions of Mini Cds, limited to a few copies (can be stocked in special wooden boxes, but it needs to be full discography or albums with many long tracks)
  • Digital version for each production, through our bandcamp page, our website or exclusive tracks on our soundcloud page
  • Merchandising, made by orders, stictly limited to a few copies.

Everything can be reproduced if sold-out.

We can also offer you a professional design which includes full artwork for a release and logo (check ou the Artworks section on the news page to see our works ! ).

We do professional mastering for each release we produce.

Possibility of trades, with individuals, artists or labels.

When you give us your stuff to produce – remember that we keep full rights on the physical production of it, which means we can sell it at the price needed to refund our costs of production if we invested a lot in it. We always send a part of the production to the artists, we do sell another part to refund our costs of production and the rest is used for trade with other labels for a worldwide distribution.

We are a small independant community of passionate workers, which means we don’t have a huge budget for productions, so remember that each euros we get with the sales of physical productions is kept to invest in better quality for the next one. We will never use this money to eat hamburgers.

Our distro is monthly updated, with various stuff, which may differ from the stuff produced on the label.

The label is based in France, Bordeaux. We ship worldwide.

We are also open to co-releases with other labels and trades.

We currently have a deal with The Dungeon Synth Archives channel on Youtube which will upload every official releases, with the approval of artists, from the label.

Webzines : if you want to review a production from the label, just send us a message and we’ll send you a free download link with all stuff and informations. We are open to interviews about the concept and the work of the label, as well as giving you the direct contacts of the artists you wish to interview.

Want to become a partner ?

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